NSW Conservatorium of Music Education Programs

Music education for NSW students

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Advisory group

The Arts, Sports and Initiatives Unit convenes the Regional Conservatorium Advisory Group on behalf of the NSW Department of Education. 

The role of the Regional Conservatorium Advisory Group is to provide strategic direction and leadership to ensure the continuous improvement of the Regional Conservatorium Grants Program. 

This group comprises representatives of the NSW Department of Education, the Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums and Regional Arts NSW. The NSW Department may invite other interest groups to contribute to discussions as appropriate. 

The advisory group is accountable for: 

  • fostering collaboration
  • removing obstacles to the program's successful delivery, adoption and use
  • maintaining at all times the focus of the program on the agreed scope, outcomes and benefits
  • monitoring and managing the factors outside the program's control that are critical to its success
  • abiding by the guiding principles:
    • evidence-based approach
    • accountability
    • communication
    • inclusiveness
    • outcomes
    • respect
    • independence.