NSW Conservatorium of Music Education Programs

Music education for NSW students

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Please complete the claim form (DOCX 45.8KB) for out of pocket program related expenses.

Ensure the claim form is accompanied by an invoice from the regional conservatorium and appropriate invoices/receipts. Please note that Eftpos receipts are not accepted.

Conference planning 

Please complete the planning form to register attendance at the Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums (ANSWRC) bi-annual conference. The link will be sent to you. Please contact us for further information.

Site visits 

The site visit template (DOCX 42.5KB) provides an overview of the topics to be discussed during a site visit from the department. 

Business plan 

The business plan template (DOCX 18.9KB) may be used by regional conservatoriums to maintain document consistency. 

Risk assessment

The risk assessment template (DOCX 15.3KB) may be used by regional conservatoriums to maintain document consistency.