NSW Conservatorium of Music Education Programs

Music education for NSW students

Telephone02 7814 2853


Department of Education related information

Arts coordination officers

Regional conservatoriums may contact their local arts coordination officers for information on how they may support teachers and schools in the development and implementation of arts programs, performance and events. 

Meal, travel and related allowances

The meal, travel and related allowances rates are available on the NSW Treasury's website

NSW Government logo and how to use it

The logo is available for use by grant program recipients. There are strict requirements for its use, including proportions, colours and placement.

The NSW Government Brand Guidelines will help you select and use the most appropriate logo for your document. The guidelines provide direction on when and how to use the NSW Government logo.

 'Supported by the' should precede the NSW Government logo. 

The logo is available in the following formats: 

Mono black logo 

  • PNG 10.32 KB (optimal for Microsoft Office documents)
  • SVG 785.54 KB (for web use only)
  • EPS zipped 1041 KB

Reverse logo

  • PNG 9.62 KB (optimal for Microsoft Office documents)
  • SVG 786 KB (for web use only)
  • EPS zipped 1024 KB

Two colour logo (for use on black/white colour palette only)

  • PNG 10.49 KB (optimal for Microsoft Office documents)
  • SVG 8.89 KB (for web use only)
  • EPS zipped 477 KB

For the latest version of the logo please email conservatorium@det.nsw.edu.au.

Social media 

The department's Social Media Policy has been developed to provide department employees with standards of use as they engage in conversations or interactions using digital media for office and professional use. 

Grant recipients may replicate the department policy to meet specific needs of the organisation and use it as a guide when dealing with public schools. 

For further reading and guidance, refer to the department's Child Protection Policy

Using school facilities 

Members of the community and education groups may use school facilities when they are not required by the school. 

Schools are encouraged to make their facilities available for use by the community. This must be for appropriate purposes, must not interfere with the school's provision of quality learning programs and be in line with the Community Use of School Facilities Policy